Special Potion Tips for Magical Mischief

Magical Potion Tips: young girl playing with magical potions in a mini muffin tray

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Small little people who fancy themselves as a wizard or a witch? Come for some of my special potion tips, have we? Think I will share them with you, do you?

Ok. I will.

Thanks to the arrival of the NZ-made magical potions here at Mud Mates central, I just couldn’t wait to share with you some of our tips on how to make the most mischief (I mean fun) with our top potion tips!

Magical Potion Tips for Mischievous Children (and Parents)

We’re huge fans of messy play. From being in the mud kitchen, jumping in puddles, playing in the sandpit or finger painting, there’s nothing better for kids to do!

We thought it was time to introduce something a little bit different into the daily lives of children all around the country, and we’re doing it with our magic potion mixes. To help everyone make the most of their experiences, we’re sharing a few of our top potion tips:

  • Split the dry potion mix into three parts. Store two parts in individual sealed containers, keeping them safe for future use.
  • Once made and played with, store the made-up potion inside the lidded containers and jars to reuse another time.
  • At the end of the play session, freeze the potion inside ice cube trays. Then next time, pull them out and they can be played with again.
  • Dried flowers, toy dinosaurs and mermaid scales can be added to potion mixes. Well pretty much anything can be!
  • Provide a variety of vessels to mix, spoon, whisk and pour the potions into. Not only is it super fun, but it is great learning too.  A good place to source these from is our friends at Project Play.
    Magical Potion Tips - potion play set up with potions, vessels, containers and spoons
  • Create a potion recipe book. Take photos of each step when making the potion, as well as all the experiments undertaken when playing with it. These make fabulous props for oral storytelling, helping develop important communication skills. Photos also make fabulous gifts for family members – got any upcoming birthdays anyone?
  • Get a special stirring stick. A crooked one from the garden, a decorated wooden spoon, Nana’s walking stick (ok, maybe not)… Every magic potion needs a magic stirring stick which can also double as a magic wand. Experiment with a range of objects till the perfect one is found.
    Young children playing with magical potions - read our potion tips here
  • What happens if you put two potion mixes together? Does it blow up? Hopefully not, but there is plenty of fun to be had through experimental play.
  • All the potions and mixes are non-toxic and biodegradable. Once play has finished, you can safely pour the used potions into the garden.
  • Have fun!!

We’d love to see photos of all the magical mischief that takes place in your family! Drop us an email or send us a message via our Facebook page to share your photos!

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