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Magic rainbow milk: a simple science experiment to delight kids!

At the Mud Mates headquarters, we are big fans of messy play. My kids just love getting messy, and of course it provides such a great opportunity to learn.

However….. I’m all for quick and easy, and to be honest, not TOO much mess. My littlies (particularly Miss 2’s) attention spans are very limited, so I’m not too keen to spend copious amounts of time setting up an activity only for them to be bored after 5 minutes.

So when a friend introduced me to Magic Rainbow Milk I thought ‘this is right up my alley’. And I was right. This is really cool, and Miss 2 thought it was pretty darn awesome too!

It’s also cheap, quick and easy to set up and if you do it outside (highly recommended!), there’s not that much mess to clean up afterwards.

What you’ll need to create rainbow milk:

– Milk – full fat not skim
– Shallow dish or bowl
– Food colouring
– Dishwashing liquid (in a small bowl)
– Cotton buds

For the extension of the activity (see below) you’ll also need:
– baking soda
– vinegar (and a dropper or spoon or cup to pour it out of)
– straw


Magic Rainbow Milk - Mud Mates

Magic Rainbow Milk - Mud MatesPour a thin layer of milk into your dish.

Add a couple of drops of food colouring onto the surface of the milk (one colour or a couple of different colours).

Dip a cotton bud into the dishwashing liquid and then in the milk, aiming for the centre  of a spot of food colouring.

Watch and enjoy.

Miss 2 loved watching the colours explode so we repeated the steps a few times until we had muddy milk. Then we emptied it out and started again, and again, and again. 🙂

Mud Mates Children's Coveralls
And this is why your child needs their Mud Mates on, as inevitably a bowl of rainbow milk will end up down their front.

But never fear, their clothes underneath will be clean and dry. Simply pop your Mud Mates through the wash to clean them and they’re quick to dry so you’ll be ready for more messy play in no time at all.

After some time when Miss 2’s attention was starting to wane, in order to keep the activity going for a bit longer, I introduced some good ole’ baking soda and vinegar.

Miss 2 had fun sprinkling (actually, dumping is more accurate) the baking soda onto the milk then adding the vinegar – first with a dropper, then a teaspoon, then just by pouring it on. It was fun to watch the Magic Rainbow Milk foam and bubble away.

Magic Rainbow Milk Science Experiment for Kids

But, why stop there! I grabbed a straw and let Miss 2 have a blast making bubbles by blowing into the coloured milk.

If you haven’t done this before, just do it! So simple yet effective and fun for all ages.

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Have you done this experiment with your kids before? If not, go and do it! And please let me know what you think below.


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Magic Rainbow Milk

Magic rainbow milk: a simple science experiment to delight kids! At the Mud Mates headquarters, [...]


10 thoughts on “Magic Rainbow Milk

  1. Francine says:

    The new fabric over pants are amazing! My wee man has crawled around outside on concrete, sand and of course mud and they have kept him clean and dry. Such a lifesaver for me!

  2. Kylie W says:

    This is a fantastic idea! It’s great to have a new idea to do rather than same old, same old! I will give this a go this week and put Miss 1 and Miss 2 in their mud mates ready for the messy play fun!

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