Handy Items to Pack for a Summer Holiday with Kids

Handy Items to Pack for a Summer Holiday with Kids

The end of the year is coming up fast, and you know what that means… barbecues, beach time, Christmas, and the classic summer holiday! Time to pack the kids into the car and head off for some fun in the sun.

Travelling and holidaying with kids builds amazing memories, but it is not without its challenges. Consider packing these items to make sure you and the family have the best possible time, free of stress and drama for your time away. Let’s have a look at what they are…

Our Favourite Items to Pack for a Summer Holiday with Kids

Keep ‘em Busy

It can be hard enough keeping those little ones occupied when they are at home surrounded by toys, let alone in a confined vehicle, tent, or unfamiliar summer holiday destination! Make sure you bring a few basics along to keep them busy – both on the road and at your destination. Think books to read, colouring books and pencils, a few favourite toys, or electronic entertainment for quiet time.

A summer holiday is all about the great outdoors, so pack a Frisbee, a backyard cricket set, beach ball or rugby ball, so the whole family can get some exercise together and enjoy that awesome natural environment.

Children’s Craft Aprons
The last thing you want while enjoying a summer holiday is piles of laundry! Throw in one or two Mud Mates Craft Aprons to keep your kids dry and clean no matter what mischief they get up to. That way, they can head outside and paint, make mud pies or even tuck into dinner without getting dirty.

Our NZ-made aprons are water resistant to keep clothes dry, and machine washable – a perfect holiday outfit for any activity that might get a little messy – and with little kids, that’s pretty much everything!

Toddler Travel Activity Pack
There’s nothing like new toys to delight the little ones. This pack has all the goodies to keep your little ones happy in the back seat and provides plenty to do once you get to your holiday spot too. Packed into a cute, toddler-friendly backpack, you will get an activity book with crayons, an animal book, mini playdoh, and non-toxic sidewalk chalk. The perfect solution for a long road trip or weekend away.

Keep ‘em Safe

The most important items to add to your list are any medicines plus a good first aid kit that caters for anything from bumps and scratches to insect bites and rashes.

Sun safety is a top consideration for a summer break, and kids are particularly sensitive to the harsh New Zealand rays. Don’t forget things like a UV protective rash shirt, hat, child-friendly sunscreen, sun umbrella and sunglasses for the whole family.

We love these Baby Banz Adventure Banz Kid’s Sunglasses.

Suited for littlies from two months to five years, they are designed to be comfortable to wear and stay put for even the most mischievous of youngsters, with a Velcro-adjustable wraparound headband. Most importantly, they offer 100% UVA and UVA protection to keep those precious eyes safe.

Baby, Toddler, Kids Sunglasses

Keep ‘em Organised

Your bags will be stuffed full of snacks, wet wipes, playing cards, sippy cups, water bottles, potions and lotions – there’s so much to remember! Make life a little easier and give the kids their own personalised tote bags to use.

These personalised swim bags can be used for anything, anywhere. Choose from six colours and get each child’s bag personalised with their own name. This allows the traditional use of carrying their togs and towel but they can also use them for toys, their cuddly or whatever takes their fancy.

The drawstring bags are water resistant so are perfect for the beach or pool.

Check out our Kids Summer Accessories Pack too – purchase your swim bag and kids sunglasses together and save money.

NZ Made Swim Bags Wet Bag

Make this summer holiday the best one yet by keeping your kids busy, safe, and organised! If you would love to look at other ways you can keep your kids occupied over the summer, then check out our listings on the Mainly Mamas directory. There are a huge range of activities, crafts and toys to choose from.

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8 thoughts on “Handy Items to Pack for a Summer Holiday with Kids

  1. Carrie says:

    Great post! We went away for our first ‘summer’ road trip last weekend and were so unorganised kids things wise and hadn’t put a lot of the summer essentials back in the car after winter!

    • Alana from Mud Mates says:

      Thanks Carrie. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ you actually need to take when you go on holiday with kids! Doesn’t take much to fill the car up!

  2. Kat says:

    Great suggestions Alana thanks!

    One thing that we did with our swim bags while we travelled the world for 2 months, was to pack all of the girls underwear, toothbrushes and pjs into them. Then, whenever we got to a new destination, they could pull out their named swim bag and have all the essentials packed into them without making a huge mess in the suitcase.
    It meant we also had them for all the swimming when we were more settled in Bali too.

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