Managing Back to School Anxiety

While many kids are looking forward to returning to school after the holidays, others aren’t with school anxiety rearing its head. This can cause significant stress for a family, yet it is something that can be managed successfully. Below are a few suggestions on how to best manage school anxiety as a family.

Managing School Anxiety in Your Family

The days and weeks have gone by in a blink and the first day of school for the new year is just around the corner. This will mean large changes in routines and this is enough to unsettle even the most organised family. Unfortunately for some children, school anxiety can spiral upwards, threatening to make the transition between home and school very challenging. To help you manage this, you could try to:

  • Give your kids plenty of notice that school is about to start, so it’s not a surprise. Anxiety doesn’t like surprises!
  • Organise school supplies, including our personalised Swim Bags.
    child walking through gate with a Mud Mates personalised swim bac on his back, and a school bag and navy blue Mud Mates NZ-made personalised swim bag sitting on a benchOnce children realise that you are ensuring they will be ready, it is one less thing for them to be concerned about.
  • Be open to questions from your children about what they can expect when they head back to school. Encourage them to share their worries with you and even their friends. Anxiety is something everyone has, so realising they are not alone in this can be helpful.
  • Keep an eye on your child’s behaviour, looking out for signs of stress and anxiety. If they do appear, focus on solutions to remedy this quickly. This can include visiting the school, getting in touch with teachers and even encouraging them to chat with their friends about how they are feeling.
  • Bring mindfulness into your daily routine. This is a great tool for kids and adults alike to have in their toolbox when it comes to managing anxiety. There are some great apps available including Headspace and Calm, with Smiling Mind and Breath Think Do Sesame more suitable for younger kids.

If you still feel that your child is struggling, make sure you get in touch with their school. Schools and teachers are used to helping anxious children and can be a great support in making this time easier for you and your child. All the very best – we’re sending lots of hugs your way!

You may also find the tips in this article helpful in getting everyone organised and ready for back to school as stress-free as possible.

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