It’s Mud Painting Time

Young girl wearing Mud Mates NZ-made coveralls mud painting with her fingers on a fence

If you haven’t done mud painting before, where on earth have you been?! Mud painting is the latest eco-friendly art activity that everyone loves; kids because it is super fun and parents because it is super cheap.

We’ve got some great muddy ideas to share with you, along with our favourite mud paint recipe.

Our Mud Paint Recipe

Mud paint is easy to make, with just dirt and water needed. But there are a few things you can do to make things even more exciting. You will need some dirt, water, plastic containers, paint brushes, food colouring or powdered paint.

It can take a bit of practise to get the right consistency, but the making process involves:

  • Add dirt and water to a plastic container. We find 1/3 of a cup of dirt is a good amount to start with. Add enough water to make the mixture the consistency of instant pudding.
  • Mix and add some food colouring or powered paint until the right colour is achieved.
  • To make smoother paint, mush any big lumps at this stage.

Kids making mud from dirt and water ready for mud painting fun

Now it’s time to get painting!

Mud Painting Activities for Young Kids

Wherever there’s water, there’s mud, or so it seems when kids are around. It’s time to take things to the next level though, and that’s with mud painting. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Au natural – great for the streaker in the family, let them strip down and paint themselves!
  2. Redecorating – armed with a paint pot and a paint brush, it’s time to redecorate the fence, the house, the mud kitchen, the pathway…pretty much anything that is outdoors and washable really.
  3. Finger painting – be creative and finger paint large leaves, smooth concrete and even the slide!
  4. Brush painting – finally we reach the more ‘normal’ option. You can paint with mud paint on thick paper or cardboard. Why not create a car from a box and drive around the garden while you new paint job dries?

3 children mud painting wearing Mud Mates coveralls and craft aprons

As an alternative to adding food colouring or powered paint, why not see what paint colours you can make using things from the garden? Blueberries, grass, apples or leaves; there are plenty of possibilities to explore.

We missed one little thing out; remember your child’s Mud Mates Children’s Coveralls to avoid needing to wash any mud paint covered clothes!!!

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