6 Cute Ideas for Mother’s Day Crafts

Animal Flowers Mother's Day Crafts - cardboard owl template covered with flowers

This May, increase your chances of getting a handcrafted gift from your children by sharing this list of six Mother’s Day crafts with your kids and partner. Our list of varied craft ideas means there’s something for everyone. Being easy to make and using materials from around the home, there’s also no excuse to miss out on receiving a gift!

Mother’s Day Crafts: 6 Gifts Your Kids Will Love to Make!

We love messy play and most kids do too! But we totally understand that not everyone does, and that you don’t need to be cleaning up the mess made when the kids make you a present. Or that a lot of partners don’t seem to know where the vacuum lives or how to keep paint in one place…..

So we’ve put together a list of six Mother’s Day crafts to gently nudge the kids towards:

  1. Rainbow Butterfly Footprint – grab those paintbrushes and decorate the soles of your child’s feet! Carefully stand on a piece of paper to make a pair of footprints. Allow to dry and then add the butterfly body in between and a photo of your child’s face as the butterfly head.
  2. Button Bookmarks – who doesn’t love a good bookmark? Using ice block sticks, cover with paint and allow to dry. Then using glue, stick some colourful buttons on both sides and allow to dry.
    Button Bookmarks - cute idea for Mother's Day crafts
  3. Hand Painted Cactus – hunt out some small hand sized pebbles from the garden and paint green all over. Once dry, add little black or brown spikes using paint or a vivid. Place the pebbles into a small plant pot and you’ve got a mini cacti garden.
  4. Egg Carton Flowers – the good old egg cartons come into play. There are 2 versions you can choose from, or do both!
    Cut out around the bottom pieces that hold the eggs, as per the picture below. These will be the flowers. Paint bright and beautiful colours. For the individual flowers, using pipe cleaners, poke a hole through the centre of each flower and bend the tip of each pipe cleaner. You’ll get a lovely bunch of everlasting flowers! Paint ice-block sticks green and glue on as the stem for the other variation.
    Egg Carton Flowers - cute ideas for Mother's Day Crafts
  5. Suncatcher – here’s one we shared in another of our blogs. These are so beautiful and easy to make, we just had to share them with you again!
  6. Flower animals – we’re heading into winter, but there will be flowers outside in the garden, even if they are daisies. Using cardboard, cut out a basic animal shape. Head out into the garden to collect flowers and other small pieces of foliage. Cover the cardboard shape with glue and press the flowers down onto it. Set aside and allow to dry.
    Flower Animals - Mother's Day Crafts - cardboard owl template covered with flowers

The next job is to get the attention of your partner, and we’ve made this super easy to do. At the bottom of the page is a link to our social media accounts and an email link for you to send it to them. Don’t forget to remind them to dress the kids in our Mud Mates Coveralls or Craft Aprons because you certainly don’t need any extra washing to do!

P.S. Your kids may also enjoy making a paper mache bowl for mum or grandma!

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