8 Fun Nature Art Activities for Kids

8 Nature Art Activities your Kids will Love

There’s more to art than using just paper, paint and glue. With a whole world outside, nature art opens up so many opportunities for our kids to have fun and learn. With messy play being one of the best ways our children learn new skills, the outdoors provides many wonderful experiences we can’t replicate indoors.

Creating nature art is a fun and affordable way to engage in messy play. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids about caring for their environment. We’ve put together some of our favourite nature art activities for you and your kids to share together.

Top Nature Art Activities for Children

Thomas Berry, a famous priest and environmental advocate, once said, “Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives.” As parents, one of our jobs is to help our kids develop an understanding of how the world works. By actively encouraging them to embrace the outdoors, we are setting the seeds of them caring for the environment.

Participating in nature art is one way we can do this. Here are our favourite environmental art activities:

  • Land art – using natural resources such as stones and shells, create patterns and pictures on the ground.
  • Flower printing – collect flowers to dip in paint and press onto a surface to make pictures.

Nature Art Activities for Kids - Flower Printing

  • Weaving – collect driftwood on a beach walk and using wool and other materials, create a woven masterpiece.
  • Painted rocks – perfect for helping kids stay active, hunting and hiding painted rocks outdoors.

Nature Art Activities for Kids - Painted Rocks

  • Build musical instruments – sticks and stones are great tools to start making instruments with, such as drum sticks and shakers.
  • Make a collage – take a nature walk and collect a range of natural materials (a scavenger hunt is always fun)! Then use a piece of large sturdy paper and stick them on the paper to make a collage.

  • Pinecone sculptures – collect up pinecones and stick them together to create sculptures. Kids could even glue things onto the pinecones to make creatures with.
  • Footprint art – find a large piece of tough paper and a few muddy puddles and let the stopping begin!

Having Fun with Kids in the Outdoors

There are also so many different ways to have fun with kids outdoors. A winter beach trip to dig in the sand and forage is a must. Why not create sandcastles as a family for your nature art activity? Or perhaps create a vegetable garden at home with the kids? Decorating their plates with cut up home grown veges is heaps of fun! How about some ice chalk painting on the concrete outside? It’s sure to be a hit!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I love these ideas! They’re so simple and easy, yet they’ll keep the kids entertained – especially in the school holidays – thank you!

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