10 Creative Playdough Ideas

Pile of coloured playdough for creative playdough ideas

When it comes to knowing the best playdough ideas, we’re stepping forward and raising our hands. We love playdough and have been firm supporters of encouraging all children to experiment with it. Yes, there’s the issue of squashed playdough in the carpet and chunks on the bottom of your pants, but it’s still super fun!

10 Exciting Playdough Ideas

One of the best things about playdough is its versatility. It can be used in many ways, including these 10 ideas:

Playdough dress up – hunt out those plastic dolls and get them dressed in playdough. Squish, pat or roll out playdough pieces and decorate dolls to create new looks.

Start a bakery – use muffin tins, cake tins, cookie cutters and other kitchen accessories to open a playdough bakery. Or you could even do a playdough ice cream shop with cardboard tubes as the cones.

Photo credit: Metamorphosed.
Metamorphosed are now creating beautifully soft, scented playdough to enhance reimagined play for littlies. Made from natural ingredients it is non-toxic and smells divine! Order yours today.

Fireworks playdough – add some sparkle to your playdough by creating fireworks. Cut out star shapes with cookie cutters, build small piles of stars and add different ‘tails’ to the stars using things such as sparkly string, pipe cleaners or wool.

Colour matching caterpillar – create a playdough caterpillar, with each round segment being a different colour. Provide ice block sticks, pegs or pipe cleaners in the same colours for children to match the colours together.

Colour matching caterpillar - creative playdough ideas for preschoolers

Create volcanoes – who says volcanoes need to be made in the sandpit. Create some out of playdough instead, pouring vinegar and baking soda in the middle for the lava.
We love this example from Dough Queen. Visit their website for a fantastic range of premium, NZ-made, non-toxic playdough.

Nature playdough – take your playdough outside and look for exciting things to add into it such as petals, leaves, pebbles and sticks.

Nature playdough - playdough with leaves, petals. Playdough ideas for younger kids.

Photo credit: Metamorphosed.

Construction site – let’s get things moving with toy diggers and cars pushing the playdough rubble around and build a new town or house.

Playdough faces – use playdough shapes to make faces with by laying pieces out on an upside-down bowl or plate. Younger children may enjoy having a face drawn onto a piece of paper for them to place their pieces upon.

Creative playdough ideas for kids - playdough faces

Playdough drawing – drawing is great but drawing on paper can get boring. Spice things up by rolling out the playdough and using felt pens to draw on it.

Animal models – its time for some 3-D animal modelling time! Playdough is great for modelling with, but for extra stability, you can use toothpicks or such to help hold the animal pieces together. Get creative and use other materials and objects from around the house.

Creative playdough ideas for kids - different playdough animals

While playdough isn’t ‘that’ messy, it can get in all sorts of places and on all sorts of clothes. Our craft aprons are ideal for kids to wear when using playdough and are fabulous at keeping little clothes clean. Head over and order your child one today!

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