What’s So Great About Playing in Puddles?

Young girl wearing pink Mud Mates waterproof coveralls playing in puddles

When it comes to playing in puddles, Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for. Her and George’s fascination with muddy puddles has encouraged kids all around the world to splash, jump and have fun in puddles – and I love it!

Playing in puddles offers kids new experiences and helps them to learn new skills. As parents, we need to look past the wet clothes and muddy gumboots to what is really happening during puddle play.

Why We Should Encourage Playing in Puddles

Remember that life is like a box of chocolates? Well, puddles are the same. Each one is unique, and you never truly know what’s going to happen when you jump in…

Puddles are not just full of water, they are full of benefits too, including:

  • Teaching kids how their bodies move – as children grow, they learn more about the different parts of their body and how they move. Jumping and splashing in puddles helps to develop strength and balance in their legs. Stirring and scooping puddle water helps to build fine motor skills and encourages them to experiment. Remember that wet trousers aren’t any fun, so be sure to dress your little one in a pair of overpants or coveralls.
    3 photos of children wearing Mud Mates rainwear while they are playing in puddles
  • Puddles help your child discover what happens in the natural world. When the sun comes out, where does the puddle go? Will this stick or feather float? Is the puddle so deep it comes over my toes? Can I see myself in the puddle?
    2 images for children wearing Mud Mates NZ-made waterproof overalls playing in puddles and looking at their reflection
  • Playing and having fun – kids learn by playing and playing in puddles certainly provides multiple opportunities to play! Rather than directing their play, provide different materials and let them explore the puddle, such as spoons, shells, rocks, toys and cups.
    Small child wearing Mud Mates NZ-made waterproof camo coveralls playing in puddles with a toy boat
  • Increase vocabulary – as a child grows, so does their vocabulary range. Providing your kids with a range of different experiences opens opportunities to learn new words and phrases.
  • Puddle music – music doesn’t just come from instruments. Rain as it falls makes music, as do sticks tapped in puddles. Then there’s all the songs about water including Row, Row, Row Your Boat and It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.

Just like playing in the mud, playing in puddles is good for your kids too! As for your sanity, it’s saved knowing that wet clothes are a thing of the past with our children’s coveralls, so don’t forget to order your child a pair today!

This article is included in Twinkl’s Keeping Children Healthy campaign, and is part of their article Some great tips to keep your children healthy in 2021.

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