5 Cute Egg Carton Crafts for Kids

Egg Carton Crafts for Kids - child wearing egg carton goggles

It’s time to put your creative hats on (or rather for your child to put their craft apron on) and get busy with some egg carton crafts! We’ve found a few ideas for the ever-handy egg cartons and we’re sharing them with you.

5 Egg Carton Crafts for Year-Round Fun

If your family is anything like ours, you’ll often have a glut of empty egg cartons. Well instead of recycling, repurpose them instead with these five ideas for super cute egg carton crafts.

  1. Easter Chickens and Bunnies

    A neat one for Easter time is the making of Easter chickens. Cut two of the circle pieces out of the egg carton and glue the two halves together. This will make a kind of oval shape. Paint and then add orange cardboard for the beak, black dots for eyes and decorate with a small feather on its head.

  2. You can also make cute Easter bunnies. Cut the ears out of the egg carton and glue on, along with googly eyes and some pink and white card to create the nose and teeth. Don’t forget a small pom pom or cotton wool for his fluffy tail!

  3. Plant Pots

    Egg cartons are biodegradable, so why not use them to start your very own little garden. Add some soil inside each individual egg holder in the carton and then plant a few seeds in each. Water well and leave somewhere warm to germinate. I’m not promising anything, but there is a possibility that if your child grows their own vegetables, they may eat them too….

  4. Crabs

    Following a visit to the rocky shore, making crabs can be a great way of reinforcing and retaining new learning and enthusiasm for the seaside. Like with the Easter chickens, cut out two egg holder pieces and glue them together. Paint the crab, add pipe cleaners for claws and some big googly eyes.

  5. Ice Cream Cones

    No matter what the weather, its always the right time for an ice cream! Cut out the cone shaped pieces between the egg holders and paint. Turn so the point is at the bottom and glue in some puffed out cotton balls on top. You could go even further and create an ice cream van out of a cardboard box to sell them from too.

  6. Masks or Goggles

    Dress up is so much fun and these egg carton masks only make it more so. Cut out two egg holder pieces as one piece. Cut out two eyeball sized holes and get your children to paint them. Our Fitted Tablecloths come in handy here if you don’t want paint on your table!

    Attach either a piece of string to each side (for tying) or a pipe cleaner to one side (for holding).

I’d love to know if you have any other favourite egg carton crafts to share with us all! Drop me an email so I can share them on Facebook or leave a comment about what they are below.

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