Having Fun with Puddle Art

Puddle Art for kids: child drawing in a puddle with coloured chalk

We’ve gone and found another great messy play activity to share with you all – puddle art! Rain or shine (you’ll just need to make your own puddles if it’s sunny), puddle art is something everyone in the family can enjoy. Come join us on a splash filled adventure…

5 Creative Puddle Art Ideas for Kids

Our Mud Mates Coveralls are fantastic to wear during outdoor play and art activities. With a cool wind blowing when we headed outside, on went the coveralls to keep us warm and dry before we started these five puddle art ideas.

  1. Fizzy puddles – just like volcanoes in the sandpit, fizzy puddles are made using vinegar and baking soda. You can add some powered paint or coloured Raro (or equivalent) to the baking soda for a colourful fizz. You have to be quick with this next step. In a super shallow puddle edge, add some vinegar and a spoon of the baking soda mix to get things fizzy. You could even experiment without the vinegar and see what happens.
  2. Puddle painting – hunt out coloured powders for this, such as cocoa or milo, Raro or powered paint. Add a pinch to a puddle and using a stick or your fingers, get mixing. What happens if you mix colours together?
  3. Chalky puddles – for this you’ll need to bring out some colourful chalk, thick sticks work best. Use the chalk to draw a picture inside a puddle. Colours can be blended using your fingers, smudging the chalk as if it were paint.
    Puddle Art ideas for kids: young child using hose and vinegar and baking soda to create fizzy puddles; toddler drawing in a puddle with colour chalk
  4. Footprint paintings – this is one to do during or after the puddle painting activity. Place a piece of cardboard or paper on one side of the puddle, walk through the puddle and you can make footprints. Or instead, you could stomp in the puddle and then quickly stomp on the paper for even more messy play!
  5. Puddles and straws – this one could be done inside if required. Fill a shallow tray with water, add a few drops of food colouring, and using a straw above the water, gently blow the colour around to create some neat designs.
    Puddle art idea for kids: Young child blowing through a straw onto coloured water

The fun doesn’t stop here though, because our Messy Play and Sensory Play blog has many more fun activities just waiting for you and your kids to explore. Just pop on some fleece lined pants or all-in-one-coveralls to keep your little one warm and dry first!


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Having Fun with Puddle Art

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