How to Make Tissue Paper Matariki Stars

Our gorgeous tissue paper Matariki star hanging on our window

During mid-winter, the Matariki stars appear. Also known as the Pleiades, these are a cluster of stars which legend says are the eyes of Tawhitimatea who threw them in anger into the heavens when Ranginui and Papatuanuku became separated by their children.

Traditionally, the appearance of the Matariki stars was a time to remember those who have died. It was also a time of celebration, where food was plentiful after the harvest, and it was time for singing and dancing.

Matariki is also known as the Maori New Year when a waxing half-moon or Te Marama Tamatea-a-io appears in the sky. While the date changes each year, the Matariki period is between June and July. Kites, balloons and fireworks can often be seen as a part of these celebrations.

This year, part of our celebrations involves the making of tissue paper Matariki stars, and they look gorgeous on our windows!

What you’ll need:

  • tissue paper (we used 8 different colours)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • clear tape or double-sided tape

How to Make Tissue Paper Matariki Stars:

1) Cut 8 squares from the tissue paper. We used 8 different colours but you could use less colours.
Our squares were 20cm x 20cm, but you could cut them any size you like.
2) Fold one sheet over in a diagonal to make a triangle.
  The first step in making tissue paper matariki stars

3) Open the tissue paper back up. Fold one corner over to meet the centre line.
4) Fold the other corner over to meet in the middle.

How to fold the tissue paper squares in prepartion to make the tissue paper Matariki stars

5) Repeat with the other 7 squares of tissue paper.
6) Using a glue stick, glue the unfolded bottom of one piece to the bottom of another piece. Continue around in a circle until all 8 pieces are glued together. Use a dab of glue to stick down the open flaps.

How to fold and glue together the tissue paper to make tissue paper Matariki stars

7) Use tape to attach your star to the window.

Miss 6 loved hers so much she decided to make a silver and gold tissue paper Matariki star too!

Gorgeous multi-coloured and silver/gold tissue paper Matariki stars displayed on windows

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3 thoughts on “How to Make Tissue Paper Matariki Stars

  1. Stacey says:

    Perfect!! My wee boy has just started Kindergarten and is about to have Matariki Celebration with them and families. He will love making these.

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