Chores for Kids: Should They Help Around the House?

Chores for Kids: Should They Help Around the House? Girl sweeping with a dustpan.

Do you have a list of chores for kids? Or, are you in the camp that children should be children, and not do any chores? Maybe you do, but your kids won’t do them, so you end up doing them yourself? Whatever the case, today I’ll discuss my feelings about chores, the benefits of chores for kids and some chore ideas (in case you haven’t thought of any!).

Should You Give Chores for Kids to Do at Home?

Does your day go something like this?

“Bailey, can you please take your dirty clothes to the laundry now.”

Minutes pass, and his clothing is still on his bedroom floor.

“Bailey, I asked you to take your clothes to the laundry.”

“Yes Mum, in a minute.”

Five minutes pass and the clothes are still sitting there.

“Bailey, now!”

“Okay! I’m coming.”

Ten minutes pass, and you end up yelling at Bailey while you pick up his clothing and take it yourself.

If life in your house is anything like ours, then this scenario would sound pretty familiar to you. Giving your children chores to do is your prerogative but getting them to do them is another story altogether. Whether it is for pocket money or something they are expected to do as a member of your family, the way we feel about chores will be different from one another.

Should a child be expected to do chores at home? That’s a tough one to answer, but my feeling is that it is ultimately the decision of that child’s parent. Some parents prefer their children to be kids, enjoy having fun while the adults do the work around the home. Other parents have a list of chores for kids to complete each week, and there are consequences if they are not done.

Researchers have, however, found that there are plenty of benefits for kids who are given and complete chores, and I know you’ll be interested in learning what they are.

Chores for Kids: Should They Help Around the House? Boy unpacking dishwasher and girl watering plants

Benefits of Giving Chores for Kids

If you have less than enthusiastic chore-completing kids, then here’s some great news to share with them. Doing chores is good for kids! Okay, so that’s probably not going to get them jumping up to do them, but it does explain why you should persevere.

“Research from a well-known 75-year Harvard study examined what psycho-social variables and biological processes from earlier in life predict health and well-being later in life. Researchers found that children who had chores fared better later in life. Chores were the best predictor of which kids were more likely to become happy, healthy, independent adults.”

So there you have it: chores are good for kids and Harvard University said so! But just in case you wanted more, other benefits include:

  • Life skills – kids learn to be valid contributors to their family, which helps grow their sense of responsibility. Doing chores while young gives them the skills to function outside the home in the years to come.
  • Self-esteem – once again, kids learn that what they offer the family is important, and that they play a valuable role in the smooth running of the household.

The question then becomes, what are some appropriate chores for kids to do? Well, you could use bed making, washing dishes, unpacking the dishwasher, putting toys away, vacuuming and taking dirty clothes to the laundry.

As for tips on making your kids do their chores, well, I haven’t got there yet. But stay tuned!

What chores do your children do to help out around the house? Please share with us in the comments below.

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