6 Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons

6 Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons. Baby swimming under water being held by mum.

Yes, baby swimming lessons are a ‘thing’ and yes, there are plenty of benefits for you and bubs to participate. It’s not just pre-school and school aged kids that need to learn how to swim. While a 6-month-old baby (the age most baby swimming lessons start) isn’t going to become an independent swimmer, there are many key skills they can learn and benefit from.

6 Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for babies helps them to acclimate to being in a pool, which hopefully results in a lifelong love of being in the water. Larger and at a different temperature than a bath, a swimming pool gives your baby the opportunity to explore how their body moves and grow their self-awareness. Here are six more reasons swimming lessons for babies are highly recommended:

  1. Increase self-confidence – research has shown that exposing a child to the water early in life helps them to adapt better to new situations, be more confident and have greater self-control.
  2. Improve social skills – swimming lessons are social times when a baby can interact with other adults and infants. A great time to observe others and share an experience, plus begin to make friendships (or acquaintances) with other infants.
  3. One to one bonding – being close to an adult in the water provides a fantastic bonding opportunity. One on one, this quality time is pure bliss!
  4. Improve coordination and balance – when in the water, a baby’s body is supported, giving them the opportunity to focus on moving both sides of their body and learning about balancing.
  5. Better sleep and appetite – it makes sense that an active baby will want more to eat and drink, and be more tired, so would sleep better. But you’d do well to remember that this may not always work the way you hoped!
  6. Reduce risk of drowning – knowing how to be safe in and around water is an important lifelong skill to learn. It is never too early to begin exposing your baby to safe entry and exit, being with an adult and following instructions in the water.

6 Benefits of Baby Swimming Lessons. Young girl in swimming pool with mum and dad

A fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and develop emotionally and physically, baby swimming lessons are no substitute for continual adult supervision of all children in and around water.

When taking your baby to the pool, it can be a mission to not only bring their swimming gear with you, but to keep it all together and find it easily at the end of the lesson. That’s where our Kids Swim Pack is perfect! Containing our popular NZ-made, personalised swim bag, it also has a pair of goggles and a kids swim cap. Even better, our money saving Kids Swim Pack saves you 15% than if you purchased these three products individually! If you have any questions, just sing out. Otherwise, happy splashing!

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If your child isn’t a fan of water, you may find some useful tips over on my blog ‘Helping Kids Afraid of Water‘.

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