Spectacular Guy Fawkes Crafts for Kids

Guy Fawkes Crafts for Kids - chocolate sparklers

Ready for some sparkling fun making Guy Fawkes crafts? We sure are!

We’d be the first to admit that things have changed when it comes to Guy Fawkes night. There is more awareness around the dangers of fireworks and the importance of keeping animals safe from harm. With a growing number of families choosing to support events rather than home based fireworks shows, we thought it was a great idea to share with you some of our favourite sparkly craft ideas so your kids can still experience some colourful magic.

7 Fun Guy Fawkes Crafts for Kids

We hope you have as much fun as we did making these super cool craft ideas! We’ve even added two nifty Guy Fawkes food crafts too!

  • Pompom sparklers – use a hot glue gun to attach a sparkly pompom or even a ball of tinfoil to the end of an ice block stick.
  • Wet chalk fireworks – dip the end of coloured pieces of chalk into water and start drawing fireworks in the night sky on a piece of black paper.
  • Fireworks in a bottle – find a clear empty plastic water or soft drink bottle. Drop inside a variety of things such as glitter, sparkles and chopped up pipe cleaners. Fill the bottle with water and put the lid on. Shake it up and down to make your fireworks!
  • Chocolate sparklers – dip the end of a chocolate finger biscuit into a bit of hot water, and then straight into a bowl of hundreds and thousands. Place onto a plate and into the fridge to set.
  • Stuffed guy – hunt out those old and small pants and sweatshirts. Stuff them with newspaper, cardboard or even straw. Place the top and bottom together, slip them into some old shoes and tie up to a fence, pole or broom handle.
  • Salt painted fireworks – on a piece of black paper, paint fireworks shapes with PVA glue. Sprinkle salt onto the glue and dust off the extra. Using either watercolour paints or watered-down paint, dab the paint brush over the salt area. It is important not to brush the paint on as this will wipe the salt away.
  • Fireworks toast – use watered down food colouring to paint fireworks patterns on a piece of white bread with a super clean brush. Leave the bread to dry and then put into the toaster on low. Such a neat fireworks themed treat!

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