Autumn Crafts for Kiwi Kids

Fun and easy autumn crafts for kids

As the leaves start falling, it’s time to get creative with autumn crafts and art ideas. We’ve got a few of our favourites to share with you, including marbled autumn leaves, autumn collage and leaf handprint painting!

3 Ideas for Autumn Crafts for Kids

Here are our top 3 ideas for autumn crafts for kiwi kids:

Marbled Autumn Leaves

Draw and cut out some leaf shapes on cardboard or thick paper. Spray shaving foam onto a large tray then squirt red, yellow and orange paint on top.  Take a skewer (or similar) and swirl the colours together – but don’t over mix.

How to make shaving cream marbled leaves autumn crafts

Gently place the leaf shape onto the top of the shaving foam and paint mix, then carefully lift off and scrape off the excess shaving foam. You could now sprinkle the leaves with glitter. Leave to dry. You could use the leaves to create a picture or string the leaves together into a banner to hang inside. Or add them to the tail of a kite and head outside to enjoy the autumn sunshine.

Creating shaving cream marbled leaves - autumn crafts for kids

Autumn Collage

You have a few options with this one. You could choose an autumn symbol, such as an orange leaf, an apple or an autumn landscape. Using old magazines, coloured paper, tissue paper or recycled Christmas cards, start tearing these into little squares. Glue onto a piece of paper or card to make the collage picture. To add a twist to this, you could instead create a 3-D collage where you scrunch up brown paper to make the trunk and branches. Then add scrunched coloured paper for the leaves. You could even turn this activity into a kind of family tree project, allocating leaves to family members.

Leaf Handprints

Here’s one which can get very large (such as for a classroom or kindergarten), or you could keep it small. Paint the trunk (and branches if you like) of a tree in whatever size suits you. Then cover your child’s hand with either red, yellow, orange or brown paint. Place the painted hand on top of the tree trunk. Keep creating handprints until you have filled the tree, and don’t forget to add some fallen leaves at the bottom too!

Autumn Crafts: Use your child's handprints to create a pretty autumn tree

Which one of these three autumn crafts will you try with your little ones? We bet it is all of them! Don’t forget that things can get messy with paint, so ordering our protective tablecloths, craft aprons or coveralls is a great idea!

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