Cotton Wool Easter Bunny Craft

Kids Easter Craft: Cotton Wool Easter Bunny

How adorable is this cotton wool Easter bunny! This is the perfect Easter craft for littlies – from toddlers to school-aged kids. These cute, fluffy cotton ball bunnies are simple to make and make a wonderful Easter keepsake decoration.

What you’ll need:

  • thick/sturdy cardboard for the backing
  • cotton wool balls
  • PVA glue
  • washable paint
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • plain white paper or card
  • photo of your child’s face

How to make your cotton wool Easter bunny:

  1. Cut a bunny shape out of sturdy cardboard. The cardboard needs to be quite thick to support the cotton wool balls and stay upright. You need to size it based on your child’s foot size. It doesn’t need to be perfect or exact!
    Cotton Wool Easter Bunny Craft for Kids: cardboard bunny cut out shape
  3. For the bunny feet, paint your child’s feet with the washable paint and get them to stand on the white paper/card. (I ended up filling in the arch with a bit of extra paint). Once dry, cut around each footprint.
  4. Paint the bunny ears – leave to dry.  
      How to create the bunny feet for this cute Cotton Wool Easter Bunny
  6. Print out a photo of your child’s face – you’ll need to work out what size it needs to be based on the size of your cardboard bunny cut out.
  7. Now you’re ready to help your child assemble their cotton wool Easter bunny.
    a) Glue your child’s face photo on to the bunny.
    b) Brush glue onto the bunny and cover with cotton wool balls.
    c) Glue the footprints on to the bottom as the bunny feet.
Cotton Wool Easter Bunny Craft for Kids: assembling your Easter bunny  

Isn’t this the cutest cotton wool Easter bunny you’ve ever seen?! Miss 6 was super proud of her Easter bunny!

I bet yours will be super cute too! Share a photo over on our Facebook page or Instagram and tag #mudmates.
I hope your kids enjoying making their own cotton wool Easter bunny!

Cotton Wool Easter Bunny Craft for Kids

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