7 Easy Father’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Easy Father's Day Crafts for Preschoolers - Super Dad Sticks

Once again, it’s time to get cracking on making those Father’s Day crafts! This year, we’ve focused on choosing seven craft ideas suitable for preschoolers to make for Dad.

Get ready to have some fun and make his Father’s Day one he won’t forget!

7 Father’s Day Crafts to Make for Dad

  1. Super Dad Sticks – you know he’s a superhero, but does he? Stick a cape shaped piece of paper to the back of an ice block stick, draw a face at the top of the stick and a big S or D on the front, and you have a Super Dad Stick!
    Super Dad Sticks - Father's Day Crafts for Preschoolers
  2. Finger painted card – cut out the word DAD on paper and stick loosely onto the top of another piece of paper. Get out the finger paints and start painting over it all. When the paint is still wet, gently take off the letters DAD and underneath you’ll see their ‘shadow’ clearly.
    We love this example from Twinkl:
    Father's Day Crafts - finger painted 'DAD' card
  3. Paper weight – Dads always have lots of important papers to keep safe. Go rock hunting and find paper weight sized rocks, then get busy with paint, glue and interesting things to stick onto them.
    Young child painting rocks to make paperweights and painted stone paper weights - Father's Day Crafts idea for preschoolers
  4. Footprint art – there’s a great Footprint Poem for Dads which you can print on a piece of card and decorate with little paint covered feet. This is a beautiful keepsake he is sure to love!
    Father's Day Crafts - daddy footprint poem
  5. Pompom shooter – keep dad active with this awesome Father’s Day craft idea. Follow our tutorial and make both you and him a pompom shooter to play together with.
    Father's Day Crafts for kids - pom pom shooters
  6. Decorated pot plant – grow from seed or cutting of a plant Dad likes. Decorate an empty pot with paint, stickers or glue on little bits and pieces. Add the plant and soil into the pot and tie a big ribbon around it. To keep this a safe activity, we have not added any protective coatings for the pot, so remember that paint, stickers and glue will come off it over time.
    Young child decorating a plant pot and a painted plant pot - Father's Day Crafts
  7. Nuts photo frame – find or make a photo frame, and then paint it Dad’s favourite colours. On the outside of the frame, add the words “Nuts about you Daddy” and glue lots of metal nuts on the front side. Add a photo, and we’re certain it will be loved by him!

Making crafts is fun, but it is something that can get messy quickly. Keep your table covered with newspaper or our Fitted Tablecloths, your kids covered with our Craft Aprons and have plenty of cloths to wipe up those spills. And of course, the vacuum cleaner!

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