Best Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Kids Birthday Cake Ideas - Pinata cake with lollies inside

Remember looking through the Women’s Weekly kids’ birthday cake book? I do, and it was the highlight of the year. From princesses to snakes, swimming pools to teddy bears, looking through at all the amazing photos was something I’ll treasure. Whether or not I was able to convince someone to bake it for me, and if they did, that it looked like the photo, were totally beside the point.

But over the years (and man, that makes me feel old), I’ve discovered so many new and exciting birthday cake ideas that I just wanted to share some of them with you.

7 Awesome Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

Here are seven gorgeous cake ideas to consider for your child’s upcoming birthday!

  1. Unicorn Cake – ok, who hasn’t drooled over the majestic unicorn cake yet? With a layered cake covered in icing, with an ice cream cone on its head for a horn, how could you resist?! Here’s a very professional looking version, but don’t worry, I won’t judge if yours doesn’t turn out like this!
  2. Elsa Cake – forget Barbie, Elsa is now the cake topper of choice. A modern version of the princess cake, I’d love a slice myself please. I love this one from Just a Mum.
    Kids Birthday Cake Ideas - Frozen Elsa Cake
  3. Construction Cake – got a digger fan or a young builder at home? This construction cake features KitKat fingers around the outside of a chocolate cake, then smashed up Crunchie Bar pieces tumbling off the top. If your cakes are prone to sinking in the middle, then this is the cake for you! Just add some icing and cover with broken bits of chocolate.
    Kids Birthday Cake Ideas - Construction Cake
  4. Anti-Gravity Lolly Cake – if you’ve been fascinated by those photos of lollies being poured out of bags and down onto cakes, check this out! I loved this one so much I had a go myself! Yep, that’s my cake on the right. If I can do it, so can you!!
    Kids Birthday Cake Ideas - Anti-gravity lolly cake
  5. Pinata Cake – when I first saw this, I wanted to know why none of the lollies melted inside the cake when it was cooked. Yes, I know. But the magic of choosing birthday cakes means you don’t always need to think like an adult, doesn’t it?
  6. Rainbow Layer Cake – this cake looks simply stunning when cut, and you can see all of the colourful layers it is made up of. It is rather time consuming, but can’t you just picture the happy smiles that will gather all around it at the party?
  7. Ice Cream Cone Cakes – I know I said I’d share some new ideas with you, but I couldn’t help myself! These are yet another mystery of the cake world (how do the cones not burn) that has fascinated me, yet I now know the secret. Single cones partially filled with cake mix, baked and then icing is added to the top. You could probably even do this by baking a sponge separately, squishing pieces into the cones and then icing.
    Kids Birthday Cake Ideas - Ice Cream Cone Cakes

I find that my kids get so much fun out of helping to make their birthday cakes too. Licking the bowl remains a popular pastime, so thank goodness for our Mud Mates Craft Aprons is all I have to say!

Have you made any of these cakes before? Let me know in the comments below.

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