Fly Swat Painting

Fly Swat Painting - Messy Play for Kids

Fly Swat Painting is a super fun, unique painting experience. My kids love to paint, but it was time for some inspiration to take painting to the next level – and they loved this! I did too, to be honest, it’s very therapeutic!

This messy play activity also created a great opportunity to get outdoors. And I’m also now stocked up with very cool wrapping paper!

What You’ll Need:

  • Washable paint
  • Dish or tray for the paint (I used a kitchen tray covered with greaseproof paper)
  • Fly swats
  • Newsprint or large pieces of paper (I recently purchased an extra large roll of newsprint from our local newspaper office)

Fly Swat Painting Instructions:

Head outside and set up your paper. I covered the kid’s table with newsprint, but you could tape the paper to the ground or even hang it with sellotape to a fence or wall.
Squeeze the paint onto the tray. We started off with two colours, but added a third later on.

Fly Swat Painting - Messy Play for Kids

Make sure your child has old clothing on, or protect their clothes with a Craft Apron or pair of Coveralls.
Miss 5 easily still fits her size 4 Craft Apron.
Simply push a fly swat into the paint and then pretend you’re swatting at flies on the paper!

Fly Swat Painting - Messy Play for Kids

Master 7 wasn’t interested in being involved at first, but once he saw Miss 5 having a blast he was all in!
He had a lot more strength and power behind his swats so safety goggles were needed to prevent any paint from getting in his eyes.

Here are both kids having a blast fly swat painting:

The results were awesome too! I’ve cut up their creations to use as gift wrap.

Fly Swat Painting - Messy Play for Kids

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