Fun Beach Games & Activities for Kids

Fun Beach Games and Activities for Kids

A visit to the ocean is never complete without playing some beach games! From treasure hunts to musical towels, sand river races to hunting for crabs, a visit to the beach is never boring. Today we’re going to share with you some great beach games to play with your kids, plus a list of fun activities to enjoy there too.

6 Amazing Beach Games for Kids

When you go to the beach, you’ve already got more than enough stuff to remember to bring with you including togs, kids sunglasses and swimming bags. That’s why we’ve specifically chosen six beach games which don’t need any special ‘non beach’ equipment to play. They are:Beach river race – dig two long trenches in the sand and tip water from a bucket into one end. Use sticks as boats and race the boats to the end of the trench.

  1. Beach river race – dig two long trenches in the sand and tip water from a bucket into one end. Use sticks as boats and race the boats to the end of the trench.
  2. Hole digging – kids love digging holes, so why not make a game from it? See who can dig the deepest hole or fill their hole with water the fastest.
    Fun Beach Games and Activities for Kids: Hole Digging
  3. Beach tag – add a twist to a game of tag by having one person be the shark. They must try and capture all the little fish. You can draw a boundary line in the sand to make it easier for little kids to tag and get tagged.
  4. Musical towels – just like musical chairs, but with towels. Instead of playing music, you can sing and when you stop singing, kids have to sit on a towel.
  5. Sand games – draw your own hopscotch board in the sand, use shells as markers and have some great jumping fun! Or play a game of noughts and crosses!
  6. Sand pictures – you can draw in the sand, but why not collect things on the beach to create a 3D picture with? Driftwood, shells and pebbles are easily found on the beach.

But a beach isn’t just a great place to play games! There are many other fun activities kids can do there too.

Fun Beach Activities for Kids

In my experience, kids love playing in the water at the beach! I find that our Coveralls are perfect attire for my kids on wintery days at the seaside. They can dig in wet sand and carry water around to their heart’s content, while staying dry!

Beach Games and Activities for Kids - Winter Beach Trips
But there are other beach activities to enjoy too. They include:

  • Exploring rock pools – here’s a great resource page which shows you some common NZ rock pool creatures you may find.
  • Beach treasure hunt – make a list of seaside treasures to find and collect in a bucket. Shells, pebbles, crabs and feathers are good ones to start with.
  • Sand castles and sculptures.
  • Playing in the water – paddle in the sea or you can make your own pool in the wet sand and fill it with buckets of water.
  • Burying feet and legs in the sand.
    Fun Beach Games and Activities for Kids

What are your favourite beach games to play? Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our article on Helping Kids Afraid of the Water if you have some less than enthusiastic beach goers in your family.

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