Best Picnic Food and Ideas for Kids

Best Picnic Food and Ideas for Taking the Kids on a Fun Family Picnic

You’re going to have a fabulous family picnic once you’ve read my tips on the best picnic food and ideas to try. I just know it, because I’ve tried them all with my family and even Mr Mud Mates loved them!

A great picnic is all in the planning (with a little spontaneity thrown in too), so remember to order your reusable picnic tablecloth first! You can do that right here at Mud Mates.

Best Picnic Food and Ideas for Taking the Kids on a Family Picnic

A picnic is a great low-cost activity year round, though we’re the first to admit that it’s nicest in summer! Whether you’re at the beach, down at the local playground or in the backyard, there’s nothing quite like it.

Best Picnic Food and Ideas for Taking the Kids on a Fun Family Picnic

A great family picnic does require some planning. The right picnic food, the toys and balls, sunscreen, a picnic rug and of course a picnic table cover, all help contribute to an awesome day. To help you with your planning, here are a few tips I found useful when taking my kids on a picnic, plus some great picnic food ideas too.

  • Check the weather forecast – other than the rain bucketing down with a thunderstorm to match; the weather isn’t a reason to cancel your family picnic. Make sure that you pack according to what the forecast dictates.
  • Pack plenty of picnic food options – from pasta salad to mini quiches, a great picnic has great food. Try to add something different to what you’d have at home, even if it is something small. Other great picnic food ideas are cold sausages, fresh fruits, crackers and cheese, plus plenty of water. A variety of food will give everyone plenty of choices, making even the fussiest eater happy.
Best Picnic Food for  Kids on a Fun Family Picnic


  • Food tastes better outside – this simple fact means everyone is going to eat more than they normally would, especially if they’re active and running around. So while you’ll end up needing to pack more, you could use it as your main meal of the day.
  • Consider the cleanup – often there’s not a handy tap when you need one, so messy hands and faces will need to be cleaned another way. Bring on the wet wipes! It’s also best to pack up and take home any mess or rubbish you’ve created, leaving the picnic area clean and tidy for the next person to enjoy.


Finally, if you’re planning on eating at a picnic table, what will you do if it’s covered in bird poo or food messes? Thankfully you’ve got this one sorted, because you’ve already ordered your Mud Mates picnic table cover!

Have a great time – wish we were coming too!

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