Rocky Shore Activities for Younger Kids

Mud Mates Blog - Fun Rocky Shore Activities for Pre-schoolers

There are only so many times you can hunt for crabs and not find any without getting bored, making it incredibly useful to have a few rocky shore activities up your sleeve. Your little ones will love trying some of these fun ideas while at the beach.

5 Rocky Shore Activities for Little Kids

Visiting the rocky shore has always been a favourite trip of mine, be it with my class back in primary school or taking my kids there in the holidays. There’s something about the excitement of clambering between rocks, wet sneakers (but not trousers thanks to Mud Mates Overpants) and buckets full of seaweed that is just so fun.

While there are plenty of rocky shore activities and other resources for primary school aged kids and above, I have noticed a gap in activities for pre-schoolers. So, I got my thinking cap on and with the help of my kids, have come up with five ideas to share with you:

  1. Creature colours – how many different coloured sea creatures can you find? Using the crayons that you happen to have in your bag, draw these creatures in a notebook and colour them in the appropriate colours.
  2. Finding textures – there are lots of different things to feel at the rocky shore. From slimy seaweed to rough rocks, algae, sand and a crab’s nipper if you are unlucky! Simply touching and talking about textures would be wonderful. But you could bring some paper and crayon to do crayon rubbings for older kids.
  3. Shell hunt – talk about how sea creatures use shells as their homes, and when they don’t need them anymore, they move out. Collect empty shells in a bucket to take home to play with or for an art activity. See if you can guess the type of creature that used to live in the shell. Maybe you could make this with playdough when you get home?
  4. Scavenger hunt – depending on the age of your child, you could give them a list of pictures of things to find (clip art is great for this) or suggest things that are close by to look for. It’s a great chance to talk about where these things can be found and why their habitat suits their needs best.
  5. Jellyfish craft – a visit to the rocky shore wouldn’t be complete without seeing a jellyfish. Usually they are washed up on the sand or rocks, giving us a great chance to see one up close. Encourage your child to take a look at the main body and how the tentacles move out from it, a bit like legs. Then when you get home, cut out strips of crepe paper and glue or tape them to a body shape. This could be on a piece of cardboard, a box or paper. Or you could change it entirely by turning it into a jellyfish kite!

Rocky Shore Activities for Younger Children

These rocky shore activities are fun all-year-round. Just remember to order your child’s coveralls before your visit to help keep them warm and dry on their exciting adventure. Or if it’s summer-time, grab a pair of cute kid’s sunnies to protect their eyes from the strong NZ sun.

Are there any other rocky shore activities you could suggest we add to our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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