Sensory Feet Play for Young Kids

Sensory Feet Play Ideas - toddler with paint on her feet and footprints on cardboard

Squelchy, slimy or bumpy things between little toes, there is no end of fun to be had with sensory feet play! Being renown for providing amazing messy play activities, we are introducing you to the world of messy play feet-based activities.

Super Fun Sensory Feet Play Ideas

When it comes to learning experiences, the hands are the most used part of a child’s body. But we don’t think that feet can be ignored. Children can learn so much by using their feet including identifying textures and temperatures, testing materials and balancing. In fact, almost all messy play activities done using hands can be done with feet too. We’ve got some pretty neat messy (and non-messy) feet play ideas to share with you:

  • Sensory footpath – as a parent, you’ve walked or heard of parents who have walked the Lego walk in bare feet. We’re not suggesting something that extreme for your kids, but rather a sensory walk made up of a collection of items such as bubble wrap, wet newspaper, a pillow, paint and cooked spaghetti.
    Sensory feet play: walking on bubble wrap
  • Car mat – instead of pushing a toy car around a pre-designed car mat, create a path of obstacles for the child to be the car and drive upon. Items such as sponges, plastic bottle tops, straws and pompoms would work well.
  • Wet sand – fill a container with sand and then add lots of water. Practice stomping in the sand, squeezing it between toes and wriggling feet into it. This is always a winning activity.
  • Shaving cream – empty the contents of a can of shaving cream or even slime into a tray and stick your child’s feet in! Talk about how it feels and even try adding drops of food colouring into it (beware of little dyed feet though!).
  • Block building – practice holding blocks between your feet and moving them around. Can you walk with a block, or do you need to sit down and bum shuffle? Can you place one block on top of another using your feet?
  • Feet painting – this can get a bit slippery, so is best down outside on the grass. On a large sheet or tarp add blobs of paint on top. Kids can either walk slowly through the paint or sit on the edge and put their feet in and out of the paint. Of course, you’ll definitely need to have your child wearing their Mud Mates Coveralls or Kids Overpants for this one!
    Toddler and young child with paint on their feet walking on carboard: sensory feet play

Do you have any other sensory feet play ideas, particularly messy ones you can share with us? We’d love it if you could send us a message or add a comment below and tell us about them.

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