8 Picnic Crafts for Preschoolers

Picnic Crafts for Preschoolers - watermelon paper plate

What could be better than having a picnic? Having a picnic and doing picnic crafts! We’ve put together a collection of eight picnic crafts we just know preschoolers will love doing.

8 Super Picnic Crafts for Preschoolers

Here are our top eight picnic crafts for preschoolers:

  1. Thumbprint ants – using an ink pad, make a vertical row of your thumb prints. Draw some legs and eyes, and you’ll have some ants you’ll be happy to have at your picnic.
    Picnic Crafts for Preschoolers - thumbprint ants
  2. Watermelon paper plates – paint a paper plate like what a watermelon chopped in half would look like. Once dry, cut the plate in half and then one half into quarters. A great way to introduce fractions to your preschooler.
    Picnic Crafts for Preschoolers - watermelon paper plate
  3. Felt picnic food – can’t get out for a real picnic? Cut out and use felt picnic food shapes instead for a mess free picnic craft activity.
    Picnic Crafts for Preschoolers - fruit and vegetables cut out of felt
  4. Paper collage ant hill – using pieces of scrap paper or newspaper and glue, make a 2D ant hill on another piece of paper. Add thumbprint or drawn ants.
  5. Pom pom shooter – a great one to get the kids running around is to make a couple of pom pom shooters. You’ll need to help with stretching the balloon over the cup, and then start ducking when the pom poms come flying your way!
    Pom pom shooters made from paper cups and balloons. Fun picnic crafts for preschoolers
  6. Colouring placemats – for the days when you just need something quick on the go, colour in A4 pieces of paper to act as picnic placemats. (You can find lots of free printable colouring pages on Google and Pinterest). 
  7. DIY bird feeders – using left over picnic food, string and a kabab stick, create a bird feeder to hang up near your picnic spot, or to take home to hang in the garden.
    Picnic Crafts: a homemade bird feeder made out of a kebab stick, strings and pieces of food
  8. Nature painting – bring some washable paint, brushes, and paper on your picnic. Collect a variety of flowers and leaves to dip into the paint or brush on, and then press onto paper to create a variety of designs
    Picnic crafts for preschoolers - using flowers to paint with

Picnic crafts can be messy for both picnic tables and kids clothing. That’s where our elasticated fitted Picnic Table Covers and Craft Aprons come in handy. The picnic table covers also have the added bonus of keeping your food away from bird poo that is most likely present on the top!

We’ve also got some great picnic food ideas and outdoor games to help make your picnic super fun (and tire the kids out!). 

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