Erupting Snow

Erupting Snow

This erupting snow is absolutely awesome! This is a simple sensory and messy play activity you can make at home using 3 basic ingredients. Master 4, Miss 2 and I played with this for ages it’s so cool.

The snow alone (without the erupting feature) is a fantastic sensory substance. It’s soft and powdery and even feels cool to the touch. It’s just like playing with real snow (without the frostbite!).

I’d recommend doing this activity outside as the snow ended up all over the place. The kids had on their Mud Mates Craft Aprons (thankfully) which came in super handy as of course they ended up covered with snow.

What you’ll need to make erupting snow:

Erupting Snow - Mud Mates Blog

– Baking soda (approximately 2 cups/500grams)
– Can of shaving cream (250gm approximately)
– White vinegar
– Spray bottle
– Container or bowl
– Spoon to mix
– Food colouring, glitter (optional)

Instructions:Erupting Snow - Mud Mates Blog

Tip the baking soda into a large bowl or container.

Add most of the can of shaving cream (I didn’t use all the shaving cream so just see how you go).

Slowly mix it together.

Once it’s all mixed together you have this fantastic ‘snow’ you can play with. It feels amazing, all soft and silky and smells lovely and clean too. 🙂

Erupting Snow - Mud Mates Blog

Erupting Snow - Mud Mates Blog
It’s mouldable so we had a great time making little snowmen.

We scavenged around outside for things we could use for it’s arms, eyes, nose etc.

Then just for fun, we added some glitter to the snow to make it sparkle and shine.

Then came Master 4’s favourite part of the activity, the magical erupting snow! Simply spray the snow with vinegar and watch it bubble and foam.  Master 4 had a blast moulding little ‘volcanoes’ then making them erupt with the vinegar.
On Master 4’s request we added some food colouring to his volcanoes which added another dimension to the activity. Both children then spent quite some time just playing with the snow (what was left of it) and the spray bottle of vinegar.

Erupting Snow - Mud Mates Blog

Erupting Snow - Mud Mates Blog

Erupting Snow - Mud Mates Blog

This was a great activity that got a big thumbs up from both Miss 2 and Master 4 (and me!).

We’ll definitely be doing this again.

Word of warning number 1…. be prepared for the shaving cream smell to linger… 2 days later I still kept getting a whiff of shaving cream every now and then. 🙂

Word of warning number 2…. don’t do this directly on the lawn as vinegar kills grass (oops!).

I’d love to hear how you get on with this activity. Did your kids love it as much as mine did? Please leave a comment below and let me know. 🙂


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      Yep Keryn, I loved it! Thankfully not too much to clean up as we did it outside. Just hosed the table down really. 🙂

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