Handprint Christmas Wreath

Handprint Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids

Christmas is a great time to get your craft on with your kids. This handprint Christmas wreath craft is fun, simple and inexpensive to make and the result is a super cute, festive keepsake.

What you’ll need to make your handprint Christmas wreath:

– green card (or you could use white card and paint it green) – approximately 5 pieces of A4 card
– pencil or pen
– scissors
– glue (we used PVA)
– paint brush for gluing
– ribbon, sequins, stickers, glitter etc – anything you’d like to use to decorate the wreath

How to create your handprint Christmas wreath:

Trace around your child’s hand onto the card. Cut the handprint out (an older child can do this themselves). Using the cut out handprint as a template, trace more handprints on to the card and cut these out. We used 10 handprints in total.

Handprint Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids

Glue the handprints together in a circle to make your Christmas wreath.
It’s a great idea to protect your table top from glue spills with newspaper or a Fitted Tablecloth (these make clean up so much quicker and easier too).

Mud Mates Messy Play Adventures Blog: Handprint Christmas Wreath Craft

Let your child decorate the wreath to their hearts desire!
I made a bow using red organza ribbon, but you could also draw a bow on red card and glue this on.
I then set out a variety of embellishments, glitter and glue and Miss 4 had a blast making her wreath look ‘beautiful’.Handprint Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids

Miss 4’s wreath is now proudly hanging on our front door. They’d also make a great gift for the grandparents!

Do you and your children have any favourite Christmas crafts? Please share them in the comments section below.

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