Pop Up Christmas Tree Cards

3D Pop Up Christmas Tree Cards

These 3D pop up Christmas tree cards are super fun to make and decorate. The kids had a blast (they love any kind of painting!) and we now have plenty of gorgeous, handmade Christmas cards ready for family, friends and their school and kindy teachers.

What you’ll need:

  • Coloured A4 card
  • Extra card (any colour) to create the template
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Other decorations e.g. glitter and glue, stickers

How to make your pop up Christmas tree cards:

First, you will need to create the Christmas tree template for your children to use.
On a piece of A4 card, copy the Christmas tree shape below and  then cut it out.
Take note of the dotted section on the tree – this is important later on!

Place the template onto a folded piece of coloured card, lining up the long straight edge of the tree with the fold of the card.
Holding the template down tightly, trace around the template with pencil.

Using scissors (your child may need your help here), carefully cut around the tree shape. DO NOT cut the section near the bottom of the tree (where the dotted section is on the template) as this is what keeps the pop up tree attached to the card.

Open out the card carefully and push the Christmas tree shape forwards so it stands away from the folded card. This creates the 3D effect.

Now you can decorate your pop up Christmas tree cards to your hearts delight!
I used a Fitted Tablecloth to protect our table from any paint or glue spills and Miss 5 wears a Craft Apron to keep her clothes clean!

Pop Up Christmas Tree Cards

Once the paint and glue has dried, you could write Merry Christmas (or any Christmas greeting) on the front of the card.
These make a super cute Christmas card to gift to family, friends or school and kindy teachers.

Pop Up Christmas Tree Cards

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