Colourful Marbled Eggs

Marbled Eggs for Easter - Mud Mates Messy Play Blog

With Easter just around the corner I decided it was time for an Easter-inspired activity! This is a spin on dyed hard-boiled eggs, as instead of dying the shell you’re actually colouring the white of the egg. The marbled eggs look so pretty and Master 5 and Miss 3 were thrilled with the result when peeling the shell away.

What you’ll need:

hard-boiled eggs, cooled (as many as you would like)
– paper towels
– food colouring (range of colours)
– water
– white vinegar
– glasses/cups/coffee mugs
– spoon

Instructions for making marbled eggs:

Take your cooled, hard-boiled eggs and on a paper towel, tap gently until the shell starts to shatter. Repeat the gentle tapping all around the egg taking care not to crack the shell too hard.

Master 5 and Miss 3 had great fun doing the cracking! The eggs should be cracked/shattered all over but the shell should still be intact.

How to make marbled eggs for Easter

In a separate glass/cup for each egg, mix together food colouring (I used about 20-30 drops to ensure a bright, vibrant colour but you don’t have to use this much), 1 Tablespoon of white vinegar (to help set the colour) and top up with water so the glass is about half full.

Place an egg on a spoon and carefully place it in the glass. Depending on the size of your glass you may fit one or two eggs. Top up with water to ensure the eggs are totally covered.

For food safety (if you plan to eat the eggs) place the glasses in the fridge to keep the eggs cool. We left ours overnight as I wanted to make sure we got a really lovely deep colour on the eggs, but you could try leaving them for just a couple of hours.

Marbled Eggs for Easter - Mud Mates Messy Play Adventures Blog

Now for the fun part!
Carefully remove the eggs from the glasses and place on a paper towel. My kids were so excited already just to see the colourful eggs!

How to make marbled eggs for Easter

Carefully peel the shells to reveal gorgeous marbled eggs! Enjoy watching the delight on your children’s faces when they discover what is beneath the egg shell.

Marbled Eggs for Easter - Mud Mates Messy Play Adventures Blog

The final marbled eggs are colourful, vibrant and pretty! Almost too good to eat (but not quite, we made a delightful potato salad with our eggs!)

Mud Mates Messy Play Adventures Blog: How to make marbled eggs for Easter


Have you done this before? Was it successful? Please leave a comment below. You may like to check out our Shaving Cream Dyed Eggs too! 

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  1. Rebecca says:

    What a brilliant idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Thinking these would make a wonderful Easter surprise in the lunchbox as well.

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