Chalk Pastel Easter Egg Art

Vibrant, chalk pastel Easter egg artwork

This is a fun, vibrant Easter craft I’m sure your kids will love! And the final Chalk Pastel Easter Egg is stunning! 

The chalk pastels are bright and colourful and the process uses a glue resist technique where the white glue acts as a barrier to help keep the pastel colors separate. 

How to Create a Chalk Pastel Easter Egg

To make your art piece you will need black cardboard, pencil, chalk pastels and white glue. 

  1. Draw an egg shape outline on the black cardboard with pencil. 
  2. Draw lines and shapes inside the egg shape. Be creative! 
  3. Trace over the pencil lines with white glue. Leave to dry overnight (make sure it’s flat otherwise the glue will run). 
    The drawing and gluing process of creating chalk pastel Easter egg art
  4. Once the glue is dry, colour in the sections with the chalk pastels. The glue acts as a barrier to separate the sections making it easier for kids to colour in. Use a finger to smudge/blend the pastels. Colour in all the sections. 
  5. You can either finish there, or draw a border around the outside of the egg then use your first finger to smudge the pastel outwards towards the edge of the cardboard. 
    Vibrant, chalk pastel Easter egg artwork

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