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You don’t get much messier than this when it comes to messy play (or maybe it’s just my children?!)…. but it’s soap slime, so at least it’s a clean mess!

I’ve never used soap flakes for messy play before (though it has been on my to-do-list for quite sometime). Although the preparation time is a bit longer than our previous messy play adventures, about 10 minutes in total, it is totally worth it and the colourful soap slime didn’t disappoint!

If your kid’s are anything like mine, I’d highly recommend popping some Mud Mates on your littlies first as the soap slime ended up everywhere!

Colourful soap slime messy play fun - what you'll needWhat you’ll need to make your colourful soap slime:

– Pure soap flakes (I used 2 cups)
– Warm water
– Food colouring (optional)
– Electric mixer
– Larger container and several bowls
– A variety of ‘toys’ to play with e.g. bowls, spoons, muffin try, hand beater


I made our soap slime using a ratio of 1 cup of soap flakes to 2 1/2 cups of warm water. This made a really thick slime, so you can simply adjust the amount of water you use if you’d prefer a runnier mixture.

I doubled the recipe to make plenty of soap slime, so used 2 cups of soap flakes and 5 cups of warm water.

Add the soap flakes to the warm water in a larger container or tub (our old baby bath came in handy!). Stir a little so the soap flakes start to dissolve.  Mix with the electric beater until it gets nice and thick and fluffy. (Apparently you can use a hand beater but obviously it will take a lot longer and may not get as lovely and fluffy).

Once it’s all whipped up, separate the soap slime into large bowls and mix in the food colouring.

Colourful soap slime messy play and sensory activity

Pop it back into the large container and set it out ready for play.

Messy play adventures with Mud Mates: colourful soap slime

Master 5 and Miss 2 3/4 had a blast! They loved the feel of it and had a great time stirring, beating, mixing and baking with it!

Mud Mates messy play adventures blog: colourful soap slime

Of course the soap slime ended up EVERYWHERE! The backyard was a bit of a disaster zone by the time they were finished… but hopefully the rain will wash it all away at some stage and at least it will be nice and clean!

Colourful soap slime messy play and sensory play activity

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