Fingerprint Christmas Cards

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card

Here at Mud Mates HQ we LOVE making our own gifts and cards for loved ones. These fingerprint Christmas cards are simple yet fun to make and we love the personal touch of using your child’s fingerprint.

We made two different fingerprint Christmas cards which I’m excited to share with you.

As always, slip on your child’s Mud Mates first to protect their clothing from the paint (and of course this will save you washing too!).

What you’ll need to make your own fingerprint Christmas cards:

– A4 white card (we used 160 gsm)
– red, green, blue and yellow paint (we used water-based washable paint)
– black permanent marker
– pencil
– brown card
– glue
– sequins/rhinestones (optional)
– a paint tray to put the paint on or you could use the lids from the paint bottles

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card

Fold the white card in half to create a card. Using the permanent marker, draw a swirly, squiggly line across the front of the card then draw little black squares along the line.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card

Help your child dip their pointer finger in the paint then push it onto the card where the black squares are.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card 2

Repeat with different colours either randomly along the line or follow a pattern. Once Miss 3 got the hang of it, I let her do a few cards totally by herself.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card

Leave to dry then you could add a Christmas message to the front with the marker or using alphabet stickers.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card

Fold the white card in half to create a card. With a pencil, draw a triangle to represent the Christmas tree shape.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card

Help your child dip their pointer finger in green paint then press it onto the card following the pencil line. Repeat until the triangle is full with little green fingerprints.
Have you child dip their finger in red paint and do random prints amongst the tree. You can also have them do a yellow fingerprint for a star at the top of the tree.

Miss 3 also enjoyed creating her own Christmas tree.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card Mud Mates Messy Play Adventures Blog

Leave to dry.
For the tree trunk, cut a rectangle from the brown card and glue onto the card.
If you wish, you could glue on sequins or sparkly rhinestones for the star or as Christmas tree lights and decorations.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card

Give your Christmas cards to someone special!

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