Fizzing Shaving Cream Car Wash

Fizzing and Foaming Shaving Cream Car Wash

This fizzing shaving cream car wash is an awesome outdoor messy play and sensory play activity which kids love. Especially if they’re car-mad!

We’ve done a few basic soapy-water only car washes in our time, but this shaving cream car wash adds an extra fun fizzing, foaming, erupting element which helps keeps the kids entertained for even longer!

You may need to get creative with your set up depending on what containers you have at home. A water play table would work well, but otherwise large plastic containers, lids or storage boxes work just as well.

What you’ll need:

– A selection of toy cars (or toy animals would be neat too)
– Shaving cream
– Baking soda
– Vinegar
– Water
– Plastic containers (see below)
– Squirt and/or spray bottles
– Old toothbrushes (optional)

How to create your fizzing shaving cream car wash:

I popped a Fitted Tablecloth over our children’s wooden table to protect it, then set out 3 large plastic containers – the first for the shaving cream, second I filled with warm soapy water and the third, just water. I popped a chair at the end of the table with a towel over it for the drying station.

Fizzing and Foaming Shaving Cream Car Wash

Stage 1: Foam Soap
Squirt the shaving cream into the first container and encourage your child to soap the cars up to get them nice and clean.

Stage 2: Dry Powdered Soap
Add baking soda to the ‘foam’. I used about half a box to make sure we got a really good reaction. Let your kids play again, rubbing in the powder soap. You may like to give them an old toothbrush which they can use to scrub the cars.

Fizzing and Foaming Shaving Cream Car Wash

Once the dry powdered soap is all mixed in with the foam, it’s time for stage 3.

Stage 3: Rinse
Fill your squirt or spray bottle with vinegar then let your child ‘rinse’ the cars off by squirting the vinegar. We love baking soda and vinegar experiments here at Mud Mates HQ so my kids had a blast!
They ended up tipping in more vinegar to get an even bigger fizzing and foaming eruption!

Fizzing and Foaming Shaving Cream Car Wash

Once all the eruptions have fizzled out, it’s time for the final stages of the car wash.

Stage 4: Soapy Rinse
In the second container, I added warm water and washing detergent.

Stage 5: Clean Rinse
Time to give the cars a final clean to rinse of any remaining soap.

Stage 6: Drying
Place the cars on a towel and leave to dry.
(Or in our case, put them back in the shaving cream mixture and repeat the process again… and again!)

Fizzing and Foaming Shaving Cream Car Wash


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  1. Ruby McGill says:

    This looks fantastic. We’ll definitely give this a go over the school holidays, especially now that the weather is warming up and we can take it outside. 🙂

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