Magic Mud

Magic Mud - messy play fun for kids

In celebration of, and in preparation for the upcoming International Mud Day on June 29th, we decided to get muddy with magic mud! And boy, did we have fun. Dirty, mucky, grubby, muddy fun!

Messy Play Adventures - Magic Mud - what you need

What you’ll need to make magic mud:

– Dirt
– Water
– Baking soda (approximately 2 cups)
– Powder paint
– White vinegar (I put some in a spray bottle to make it last longer)

How to make magic mud:

The first step is to prep your mud. Simply add the baking soda and some water to the dirt and mix it all up. We used a wheelbarrow to make it in but an old container or plastic bin would do the trick too Add more water if you need to, until you have mud, glorious muddy mud.

Messy Play Adventures - magic mud

Master 5 and Miss 2 firstly spent some time playing with the mud just like this. They had a great time mixing and stirring the mud, making volcanoes and mud pies and just getting dirty!

Messy Play Adventures - magic mud

When they started to tire I brought out the big guns! To transfer your mud into amazing magic mud simply sprinkle some powder paint onto the mud then let them spray the vinegar on. The colourful, erupting bubbles are sure to delight toddlers and kids of all ages (even I was impressed!). Messy Play Adventures - magic mud

Further imaginative play evolved, the most popular being a spot of mud painting!

The kids had a great time with this muddy activity and once they were done, I was very happy to strip off their Mud Mates and have their clothes underneath all nice and clean.

For more fun ‘mud’ themed activities please check out our Pinterest board ‘Mud Fun’. We’d love to know what you’ve got planned for International Mud Day or what other muddy activities you’ve previously explored. Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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