Winter Snow Dough

Winter Snow Dough Sensory Play

This 2 ingredient Winter Snow Dough is easy to make and so much fun to play with! It feels slightly cold to the touch, but you can make it even colder and more wintry by freezing or refrigerating the ingredients in advance.

What you’ll need to make snow dough:

– 400gm cornflour
– approximately 400ml body lotion (cheap stuff from the $2 shop is perfect!)
– bowl
– wooden spoon
– glitter (optional)
– playdough toys e.g. rolling pin, cutters etc (optional)
– snowman decorations (optional)


For extra cold snow dough, freeze the cornflour overnight and refrigerate the body lotion.

Tip the cornflour into a bowl. If you’re using glitter add some to the cornflour at this stage (we used silver glitter).

Slowly add the lotion and mix well with the wooden spoon.

Mud Mates Messy Play Adventures Blog: Winter Snow Dough

Keep adding the body lotion until you reach the desired consistency. You can make it soft and powdery by using less lotion, or more oozy by using more lotion. It should come together and hold its shape if moulded.

Let your children play and explore this fantastic sensory material. You could use rolling pins, playdough toys and biscuit cutters.

Mud Mates Messy Play Adventures Blog: Snow Dough

Let your child’s imagination take over! Master 6 and Miss 3 had a great time moulding and making snowmen and decorating them with whatever could be found in the garden. They ended up creating an entire snowman family which Miss 3 was very proud of!

Winter Snow Dough Sensory Play

Store the dough in a zip-lock bag in the fridge until they’re ready to play again! If the dough dries out, add some more body lotion until it reaches the right consistency again. Have fun!

TIP: It can get messy! If you need to play indooors use an old sheet or drop cloth on the floor to make clean up easier. Our Fitted Tablecloths are great for protecting your table top and making clean up easier too. Check out our Midwinter Messy Madness blog for tips and tricks for coping with indoors messy play.

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